Ongoing Special Event


Current Exhibit: "Theodore Roosevelt, A Man for the Modern World"

Sagamore Hill National Historic Site presents a new museum exhibit for 2019, “Theodore Roosevelt, A Man for the Modern World.” The exhibit celebrates the presidency and legacy of Theodore Roosevelt, who is often considered the first modern president. TR led the nation into the 20th century – a time of rapid technological advancement and societal changes that required a leader to be innovative, energetic, and media savvy. The exhibition opened to the public on March 3, 2019 at Sagamore Hill's Old Orchard Museum & Visitor Center and will run throughout the year.

Recent Special Event

Clay Risen

Special Event at Book Revue in Huntington, NY

In conjunction with ​

The Friends of Sagamore Hill,​ ​

The Institute of Politics and Global Affairs at Cornell University,​ and Long Island University

Book Revue presented

Deputy op-ed editor at ​The New York Times Clay Risen (pictured left)

In conversation with Former U.S. Congressman Steve Israel

Discussing Risen’s new book

The Crowded Hour

Thursday, September 26th at 7pm

Book Revue

313 New York Ave.

Huntington, NY 11743


About "The Crowded Hour"

When America declared war on Spain in 1898, the US Army had just 26,000 men—hardly an army at all. In desperation, the Rough Riders were born. A unique group of volunteers led by Theodore Roosevelt, helped secure victory in Cuba in a series of bloody fights across the island. Roosevelt called the Battle of San Juan Hill his “crowded hour”—a turning point that led directly to the White House. “The instant I received the order,” wrote Roosevelt, “I sprang on my horse and then my ‘crowded hour’ began.” As ​The Crowded Hour​ reveals, it was a turning point for America as well, uniting the country and ushering in a new era of global power.


A Well-Received and Well-Attended Event

Approximately 50 people attended this event and were rewarded with an incredibly interesting exchange between Clay Risen and Steve Israel (pictured left) about, not only Theodore Roosevelt, but also American foreign policy in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and specifics on the make up of the Rough Riders themselves.  A lively Q&A session followed with the audience, and the finale was a book signing by Clay Risen.

Past Special Event: Dog Day 2013


Sagamore Hill's Dog Day was held on Sunday, April 21 2013, 11-4pm.

Theodore Roosevelt would have felt very much at home at Sagamore Hill on Sunday. The grounds of the animal-loving president’s permanent residence were filled with barking dogs and their families during the historic site's Dog Day. Sponsored by the Friends of Sagamore Hill, Dog Day was the organization’s kick off to National Park Week. More than 150 dog owners brought their four-legged friends to the park to enjoy activities, contests, food for humans and dogs as well as special performances and training sessions. “The goal of the whole day is to promote responsible dog care and dog walking,” said Friends of Sagamore Hill Board Member Virginia Perrell, of Westbury. Sagamore Hill is one of the few parks on Long Island that invites guests to bring leashed pets onto its grounds. The Long Island Dog Owners Group, a non-profit founded to advocate for dog parks and allowing leashed pets into Long Island parks, was invited to Dog Day to educate visitors on the importance of exercising dogs and leashing pets.


Dog Day drew a capacity crowd.

There were almost as many dogs present as there where humans. Many families came with two dogs, some with three and one family had four greyhounds. Staff, volunteers and members of the Friends Board were busy from 10:30 am until nearly 5:00 pm, seeing that every visitor had a good time. Children were busy making dog treats under the supervision of volunteer Teresa Kepertis. Park Guide Danielle Summa had made a bingo game using presidential dogs that kept adults and children scanning all the animals in order to win a bingo prize, a dog pencil. Debbie Bulck, bookstore manager was busy selling souvenirs and awarding Junior Ranger badges to children that earned them.


Dog Day Activities

Dog Day activities began at 11 a.m. and included costume contests, dog treat making and nature walks through the grounds led by park naturalists. The highlight of the day was a dog training presentation by Rick Caran, of Huntington, who gained international attention for training his Yorkshire Terrier, Jilli, to play poker. Caran was joined on stage by two of the four members of his traveling show, Team Jilli Dog – Ruby, a Teacup Yorkshire Terrier and Spidey, a rescued Chihuahua. The dogs performed stage tricks, including a one-on-one doggie basketball game, to an amazed crowd of children, adults and their pets.